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Use Inovail’s lead generating systems and you no longer need to worry about learning SEO, Google Adwords, socal media or content marketing. We take care of the marketing and lead generation so you can focus on growing your business.


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What You Get With a Lead-Flow™ Website From Inovail

Fully Optimized Website

Developing your own website isn’t easy and getting on the first page of search results can be a long process. Lead-Flow sites are already designed, search optimized, and getting a high volume of search traffic. After you sign the lease agreement, we add your company information and logo to the site and the inquiries from that traffic become yours!

Instant Inquiries

It could take months and even years of consistent effort to get a website ranked on page one of Google. Lead-Flow sites are already ranking on the first page of search results and drawing traffic that is potential income. After you lease the site, we will add all your contact information to it. Our advanced phone call tracking system will keep a record of every phone call coming to you from the website, as well as any email inquiries. You’ll be able to login to your call records and even listen to recordings of the phone calls.

Minimal Investment And No Long-Term Commitment

Lead-Flow sites are the perfect solution for businesses that don’t want to invest in a well designed, search optimized website. No development costs, and no heafty ongoing costs to keep the site ranking well. Plus, there is no long-term leasing commitment. You pay month-to-month. All we ask is the courtesy of 30 days’ notification prior to cancelation. No hassles, no risks!



Low cost


Steady lead stream


No long-term commitment


Increased brand awareness

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