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We Do the Research.

Step one in developing any website is understanding what competing sites are doing to draw traffic and then looking for ways to improve. When a Lead-Flow site is available for leasing, it is already competitive in your field.  The site has been developed with the competition in mind. And we continue doing research to ensure our sites maintain top ranked search positions.

We Develop an Awesome Website.

The traditional process to develop a website depends heavily on input from the client paying for the site. This involves multiple meetings with the web development team, writing  content and providing photos, and then being involved in numerous approval cycles. Our team of expert web developers have researched what keywords should be used; designed a visually exciting site; written SEO rich content; purchased all the necessary artwork and photos; and completely eliminated the burden of managing the development process.

We Continually Improve the Site.

We may have gotten a site to the top 10 Google results; but it takes continual effort to keep it there. That’s why companies are often paying digital marketing firms thousands of dollars each month. To stay on top of what Google looks for when it provides search results is an ongoing task that never ends. You’re not paying for content marketing, social media marketing or SEO’s – you’re paying for results. That gives us plenty of incentive to do the work necessary to keep the site ranking well.


You Get Leads.

When you lease our high-traffic, search optimized website, all phone calls and leads go directly to your business, 100% of the time. Our Lead-Flow websites utilize advanced lead tracking software that allows us to monitor exactly how many phone calls and emails to your business originate from the site. You will have access to an online dashboard that shows every phone call routed through the website, as well as providing the origination of the lead and a recording of the call. You will also be given a report detailing email inquiries routed from the website.

You Don’t Have Long-Term Commitments.

Many digital marketing firms require a one-year contract or longer for services. When you lease a Lead-Flow website you only commit to an intial six-month period and there are no hidden charges. At any time after the initial six-months, if you decide to give up the Lead-Flow site, you’re free to walk away, no hassles and no questions asked. As a courtesy, we ask that you give us 30 days’ notice of cancellation.

You Pay For Results.

When you lease a Lead-Flow site, you are saving the cost of developing your own site as well as minimizing the ongoing cost of keeping the site search optimized.

Ready To Start Getting New Customers?

We are here to help take your Internet marketing to the next level.