How many new customers are you losing because they can’t find you online?


If you aren’t on the first page of Google results, you’re missing out on countless new customers

You know, because you’re one of the millions who use the Internet daily to find restaurants, products, and services: people go online today to find the businesses they interact with. When was the last time you used a Yellow Page Directory? Or responded to an ad in a newspaper? Or actually read a billboard? You have a great business. You provide a quality service and work hard to earn your customers’ loyalty and continued business. But is your customer base growing as quickly as you’d like it to? Maybe you have a website … a website that was built and never updated or given SEO (search engine optimization) attention. When you Google your company’s product or service, are you satisfied where your listing appears in Google’s results?  The Internet will only produce more customers for your business if you rank high in search results. Companies on the first page of organic search listings are likely to be contacted by serious buyers – so those positions are valuable. How do you capture one of those valuable, top positions? It’s called inbound marketing and requires local search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media marketing. Local Search Optimization Local Search Marketing is a type of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that focuses on ranking pages on a website for “keywords” people local to you are using, when they search online. An example of a Local Keyword Term would be: Remodeling Company Houston TX. The person typing in this keyword phrase is looking for a Remodeling Company local to them in in Houston, Texas. People do searches in the search engine feature of browsers such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. Even social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and Pinterest are search engines. Local Search Marketing uses search optimization, research, and analytics to rank a website higher in the search engine results. The goal in local search marketing is to help your business capture new customers who are searching online. The higher you rank in search results, the more likely you are to receive an inquiry instead of your competitors who rank lower in the results. Content Marketing Content Marketing is strategically creating content on a website, social media and other  websites with the intent of steering potential customers to your business. Content Marketing includes blog articles, videos, infographics, testimonials, podcasts and even webinars. Content can market your business, or it can be instructional and educational to your potential customers. The key is to create content that is of interest to the people you want as customers. Content Marketing is a sales funnel designed to sell your business online. When done right, and in combination with SEO and social media marketing, it provides a steady stream of leads to your business. Social Media Marketing Social media platforms like Facebook are search engines too! More and more, people turn to social media recommendations from friends, family and others when searching for companies to do business with. The first step is creating an account on the chosen platform. The page is branded to look like your website and other marketing materials. Through consistent, informative posts, you have the opportunity to present not only a personal side to your business, but also your knowledge about your industry. As people learn more about your business through your page, you become a resource and a company they will remember when they need your product or service.

Get New Customers From the Internet Immediately, With Minimal Investment

Inovail’s Lead-Flow Websites are industry/service-specific and are already ranking in the top 10 on Google’s first page of results. Our websites are currently drawing plenty of visitors for your main keywords. Our team of experts build a robust, search optimized site without the long, sometimes painful process of traditional website development. You just pay a reasonable monthly leasing fee, based on the site’s performance, sit back and reap the benefits! And if you already have a website, Lead-Flow sites can work in conjunction with it. In fact, if your existing site is already performing well, the addition of the Lead-Flow site will make you twice as likely to get a qualified customer as your competition. Lease the Lead-Flow website for your service category – or your competitor might!

Whether you have a website – or not – lease a “no risk” Lead-Flow™ website and instantly start receiving inquiries. No big financial outlay and no long-term commitments.

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Ready to start getting new customers?

Whether you have a website – or not – lease a “no risk” Lead-Flow™ website and instantly start receiving inquiries. No big financial outlay and no long-term commitments.